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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is Foreclosure Counselors different from other foreclosure companies?
A: Foreclosure Counselors is a privately funded, non-profit organization that was created to give guidance and options to homeowners when near to or in foreclosure.

Q: My foreclosure sale is near can you still help me?
A: Foreclosure Counselors has helped homeowners even up to the day of the foreclosure sale.

Q: What areas do you service?
A: Foreclosure Counselors services all of Clark County including Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City & Pahrump.

Q: Will my information being sent to third parties?
A: No, Foreclosure Counselors will never send any of your personal information to anyone individual or any company without your express written authorization.

Q: What makes Foreclosure Counselors different?
A: Foreclosure Counselors is the only non-profit organization that helps distressed homeowners with years of knowledge and expertise with the overall foreclosure process. Many organizations or for-profit companies charge a fee for services. Our philosophy is to offer services free of fees and pressured on- the-spot decision-making.

Q: How did you get my name and address?
A: When ever a Notice of Default is filed, it becomes public record like marriage, death & birth certificates.

Q: What is the expertise of the counselors?
A: Our counselors are knowledgeable in mortgages, credit repair, forbearance agreements, loan modifications, deed-in-lieu, short sales, bank repossessions, just no name a few.

Q: How long does the foreclosure process take?
A: Traditionally, the foreclosure process takes roughly four months from the time the “Notice of Default” is recorded on the property. Every lender is different and sometimes the foreclosure process can drag on for over six months.

Q: Why did I get multiple foreclosure notices sent to my home?
A: Lenders have to ensure that you receive the proper legal notices. Therefore, they always send one legal notice to each borrower on the mortgage via regular mail and one legal notice via certified mail to each borrower. If you have two mortgages, you may receive up to eight letters.

Q: Is my lender going to go after me for the money that I owe them?
A: Every situation is different. We encourage you to call today to let us know more about your specific situation.